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Stamped concrete is concrete that is “stamped” with a pattern and/or textured so that it resembles brick, flagstone, stone, tile, or numerous other patterns and/or textures. Stamped concrete is typically used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, interior flooring, and borders. Stamped concrete can also be paired with colored concrete for a unique design. To view the various patterns that we use, please visit


Mono Slab

A Mono Slab (short for Monolithic Slab) is when a slab of concrete is poured thicker at the edges to form a footing. This is done during initial setup by digging a thicker edge that is reinforced with stakes and braces until the concrete hardens.  Depending on the width of the exposed concrete, the edges may be finished to appear like the slab of the concrete or not.


A concrete foundation is a vital part of any structure that may be constructed on top of a concrete slab. A concrete foundation assists in load bearing a structure evenly and helps reduce settlement of structures by reducing the movement of the soil around the structure. A solid foundation also keeps out moisture and insulates a structure from the cold. 

Colored Concrete

Adding a little color when designing your new concrete driveway, sidewalk, or patio can put the finishing touches to your home. Colored concrete can be paired with a stamped pattern to further customize your home. To view the various colors that we use, please visit:



If you want a durable patio that is very low maintenance, then a concrete patio is the way to go. Concrete is the most popular material for patios; and when paired with color and/or a stamped pattern, your patio can be the envy of the neighborhood.



If you need your driveway repaired or replaced, then now is the time to consider upgrading your home’s appearance. Colored and stamped driveways can also add instant curb appeal.


Concrete Borders

Concrete borders are a unique way to add that extra touch to your landscape or to your concrete flatwork.  Adding color and design to your concrete border can further tailor your design.  

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